17thsense Solutions is a corporate innovation consultancy firm, we plug into established organizations to develop, test and build with the relentless, methodical momentum for innovation. We are not business theorists. We are innovation practitioners who plug creative tactics into established organizations and we turn opportunities into outcomes. With extensive brainstorming for 05 good years, team 7th Sense Solutions have successfully concluded innovation DNA of techniques and methodologies which ensured success of world’s leading organizations. Our team has also ensured practical application of innovation DNA by applying the same on different scales in local market. DNA extracted from world’s most successful organizations and refinement of the same based on practical implication in localized context is our exclusive and unique selling proposition for successfully Unlocking the unrelenting resourcefulness, inventiveness and customer focus that gives rise to new growth engines. We provide consultancy for Innovation Strategy and Advisory to Engineer a plan to reinvent, build and execute your innovation engine. Our services are marvelous for Building Innovation Capability to equip your people with best practices, skills and tools to identify, assimilate, transform, apply, test and validate valuable ideas We plug into project teams to discover problems, ideate, prototype and validate, getting big ideas off the ground, on basis of our comprehensive research and the available expertise we are proud fully offer the following services to the organizations 1) Training and workshops : To inspire and unleash the creative spark of employees 2) Corporate Innovation Lab : To support the creativity and to successfully convert ideas into products 3) Problem Diagnostic & Solving: By utilizing our specialized tools for looking the and approaching the complex issues we offer Problem Diagnostic and optimized solutions for. 4) Innovative Product/Service Design : Our specialized way of thinking enables your designers to rethink from a totally different way to redesign existing products/ services in a more effective and efficient way 5) Startup Transformation : Startup Transformation is a multi-featured platform for Aspiring and Identifying startup business ideas refining and developing business case for Investors using our state of the art methodology of Ideaction ® through Diversifidation